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Dogviar is made from a heathy vet approved kibble that has been soaked in Pure Sturgeon Caviar Oil (which contains a perfect balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9). EPA (contained in caviar oil) is the main fatty acid of Omega 3 that is well known to contribute towards a healthy canine heart.


Dog Run

Caviar is well known for Human health benefits, especially in cosmetics. Likewise, our the Caviar ingredients in Dogviar are also naturally full of goodness and we are proud to be recognized as the leader in our industry for Caviar health derived pet treats. We have worked with leading universities to study the benefits of Caviar Oil and we have already identified several key proteins that have real canine health benefits.


Brown Dog

Caviar oil also contains the vital brain bosting DHA fatty acid, that is contained within Omega 3. Each Dogviar treat is not only delicious for your canine friend, it is also very good for their brain as well.

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