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Caring for your Four Legged Friends

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Our Background

Sturgeon caviar is revered the world over, and it is well known that the sturgeon roe contains unique human health benefits. The sturgeon's caviar is not only consumed as a delicacy, but nowadays it is also added as an ingredient within the worlds most luxury cosmetics due to its natural skin enhancing and firming properties.

We wanted to offer your four legged friends a treat that is not only decadent and fun but is also incredibly good for them. Harnessing all the goodness of caviar but excluding any added salt content, Petviar has created a brand new pet treat kibble, naturally coated in Pure Caviar Oil.

This luxury pet treat is not only rich in key natural healthy fish oils (Omega 3,6 & 9) helping maintain your well loved pets shining coat, it is also scientifically proven to be beneficial for their heart, brain and eye health too.

We know how much you love your dogs and puppies and we want you to be able to treat them in a healthy and happy way.

The Dogviar Complementary Pet Treat Tin is designed for offering treats on the go and they make the perfect training treat, we will be offering a refillable pouch soon so please watch this space.

Our Dogviar Pure Caviar Oil Pump (coming soon) is the perfect way to add this amazing oil to your dogs daily feeding programme whether you are feeding them wet, dry or even raw food.

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